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Friday, 9 April 2010

नाडी ग्रंथ कार्यशाळा

Dates: – 24th, 25th & 26th January 2010. 
Venue: – MAP Group, Hyde Park, Vastushree Complex, A - Wing, Office No 7 & 8, Market Yard, Pune - 411037
Contact: – Sinhagad, MahaSainik Lawns Complex, Near National War Memorial, Ghorpadi, Pune 411001

Wing Commander (Retd) Shashikant Oak,
A – 4/ 404, Ganga Hamlet Society,
Viman Nagar, Pune - 411014.
Cell: 098819 01049 (Oak)Email: – shashioak@gmail.com, shashikantoak@yahoo.co.in

पत्रकार निवेदन पत्रक

मा. संपादक महाशय,

महाराष्ट्रातील अनेक नाड़ी ग्रंथ भविष्य प्रेमींच्यावतीने रविवार, दि.२4 ते २६ जानेवारी 20१० रोज पुणे येथे तीन दिवसीय नाडी ग्रंथ कार्यशाळा संपन्न झाली. त्याचा इंग्रजीतील मसूदा -

Work shop on Naadi Granths was successfully conducted on 24 to 26th Jan 2010, Pune.
The following were the participants:-

  1. Princ. Adwayanand Galtage from Bhoj, Karnatak.
  2. Princ. Chiplunkar Vilas B from Jayasigpur, Maharashtra.
  3. Adv Amit Chandra from Mumbai
  4. Shri. NileshBhai Trivdi from Vadodra, Gujrat.
  5. Vikram Phadke, from Saphale-Vasai.
  6. Shri. Sanjeeb Patra - Mumbai
Detailed biodata and photos are appended as Appendix ‘A’

The papers submitted by them are grouped in Section I (study papers) and Sec II (various articles) presented in the workshop. Attached as Appendix ‘B’ and Appendix ‘C‘

Concluding part of the function was conducted in Club House of Ganga Hamlet Hsg Society Viman Nagar on 26th January 2010 at 17:30 hrs. The high feature of the evening was of Atri Jeeva Naadi reading in presence of all. Shri Eashwaran, Atri Jeeva Naadi reader read out loudly the messages from limited leaves in Tamil and for the benefit of all Adv. Amit Chandra translated it in English. In that, Maharshi Atri in conversation with his consort, Mata Anusuya stated that the time has been over for the reading, as the birds have reached back to their resting nests, after sunset. However, the gathering is of my lovers, I take pleasure of addressing them through these records on Palm leaves. T

he phrase he used was unique. "As the birds have returned to their resting nests for night." Naadi reader Shri. Eashwaranji said, “Maharshi says, we generally don’t accept request for replying any queries after 6 o clock in evening. But now we may entertain some of your questions. 

Parag Pradhan son in law of Shashikant Oak came forward to start the questioning. He asked regarding his impending visit abroad. Maharishi Atri replied affirmatively. But cautioned that there may be hitches may create some complications. But before that, everyone was astonished when Eashwaran started the readings from the specific palm leaf by mentioning the names of the persons present. Like Shashikant (Oak), Jay Pakash (Khaladkar), Ashok ( Lachke) and the person with conch shells meaning Prasad (Bodas). A scientist (Dr RN Shukla), person from educational fields – refereeing to Princ Galatage and Prof. Chiplunkar. Some foreigners - there were two German persons attending. And many for the first time. Person suffered heart attacks meaning Subhash (Havre), person sitting immediate right to Eashwaran was Land developer Mansingrao Patil. Thus the atmosphere was surcharged with admiration and reverence.

Sanjeeb Patra from Mumbai was next person to throw cowries for his answer to be sought. He had come especially to meet Wing Commander Shashikant Oak and the other participants of the workshop. He was advised to visit Guru temple on every Thursday with yellow flowers and cloth . ‘After 96 days there would be considerable change as per his wish’ Maharishi Atri assured him. Earlier he suggested, while talking with participents, he was keen to get some of his queries solved in this trip of his avoiding another trip. So he got the answer to seek Maahrshi’s blessings then and there.

The proceeding started with Rudra Paath (रुद्रपाठ) rendered by Prof. Chiplunkar. He further conducted the meeting with his resonding and thunderous voice, chanting Mantras and Ved Mantras. Wing Commander Shashikant Oak gave the outline of what had been the achievements in this 3 days workshop. He narrated the aims and objective and the intended steps towards the next goal of getting the invitation from Indologial Institutes involved in Research work on Palm ole or leaf Tamil language. Getting invitations from some western countries to promote Indian heritage of rich ancient past.

The details s of the same are in Appendix D,E., F,

The meeting concluded with a high note from Dr RN Shukla that the persons of repute in the field of science and Technology may be asked to come forward to openly accept the reality of Naadi Granth Phenomena in public.


Shashikant Oak
Educational qualification M.Com.
Posts held Retired from Indian Air Force after serving for 32 years.

Contribution for Naadi Granth in past: For last 15 years extensively studying on the topic of Naadi Granthas from various angles. Visited many Naadi Centers all over India. Prepared Sample Tamil Dictionary for the use of Naadi Predictiosns. Written books on Naadi Predictions in Marathi Hindi, Gujrati, and English. Contributed for Making of Present Paper / Article : Nostradamus and Naadi Granths comparative study.

Synopsis of the paper/Article.:

Wing Commander Shashikant Oak & Adv. Amit Chandra

Swagatadhyaksha Karyadhyaksha
Naadi Palm leaf Astrology lovers group

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