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Monday, 29 November 2010

Sri Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi, Ramani Guruji, Narbhavee, Ashram location

Sri Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi, Ramani Guruji, Narbhavee, Ashram location: "Swagatham Swagatham Swagatham Vesudehva Family. Om Shakthi Om Shakthi Om Shakthi Om Narbhavee Narbhavee Narbhavee OM Swagatham Swagatham Swagatham Vesudheva family Om Shakthi Om Shakthi.

For Europe please check: http://narbhavie.com/

The Ashram is located in the outskirts of Chennai, Tamilnadu in India.
The exact address is
18 Alamelupuram, Selaiyur, E. Tambaram, Chennai 600 072

The readings take place in the mornings and evenings. The readings as mentioned before are divine readings and take place only when Maharishi gives the “approval” to Guruji.
One needs to be there before 8:00 AM in the morning and by 6:00 PM in the evenings.

What to bring:
The custom and traditions of India, one take fruits and flowers when seeing a spiritual master

What does it cost?
This is a divine reading – not only one cannot assess or give a value for the guidance, there is no cost for the readings, should one be destined to receive/hear the reading.

Guruji does travel frequently and it would be better to call and check with HIM to see if HE is in town.

Contact when Guruji is in Chennai:

Country Code: 91

City Code: 44

Telephone number: 22290595

Website : http://www.arulvanam.org/Contact%20us.html

How to reach Sri Ramani Guruiji - Kagabujanda Jeeva Naadi Reader / Discourser

As many may not know how to reach Sri Ramani Guruji - Reader of SriKagabujandar Jeeva Nadi - a free service.Kindly drive down Valachery - Tambaram Road -> take left/rightaccording to your direction of travel into the road called Camp road near Selaiyur police station.Go down this road for a km and half. on to your right you'll see Bharat Engg College. Take the second left opposite to that collage. It is bit long road, paved with red sand and not black topped. Down this road: carefully see to your right the area sign written only in Tamil (sorry folks, if you can't read Tamil it is your fate)you'll see a sign placed mentioning ALAMELUPURAM, [ask local there if you have any doubt better you ask opp to that college] Turn right in that nagar go down on that mud road don't see side road.down that main street, you'll see a pandal and on the right a mandap with words in
saffron/red NARBHAVEE stop there. Park your vehicle. If Auto send it back else waiting charge will eat your pocket dearly as already those auto meters are VERY HOT than the sun blazing on your face.Enter the hall that looks like a Temple. Please be seated in a place told by people there. The Ramani Guruji will call you, tell him for what you came in brief(better give it in writing)he can speak in English/Tamil/ Hindi etc. He will tell the solutions to your problems after a short meditation or if needed he'll read the jeeva nadi and tell you the solution and remedies. He doesn't charge a single pie. If you with take some fruits and flowers, that is enough. Before visiting him: Call him by phone 044 22290595. Confirm his availability and time. He normally sees from 8am to 10 am and from 6pmto 8pm daily. Try to be there at-least half an hour earlier before starting time i.e8am
or 6pm. Please be patient and he'll call you if you are destined. They above may show you that he is doing some tantick or gimmick, that is not the case. As many of you would have seen your /heard your fate after paying some hefty fees to many astrologers and naadi readers. So this free service may look odd and may cause some real doubts in your minds. But all that is a false hallucination. When calling please be brief on the phone. When called Sri Ramani will attend the call. Go with a open mind. If your destined, you'll get your solution. Onlything is faith that is all needed. His ashram and house is nearly 34Kms from City centre and about 10 Kms from Tambaram and same Ten from Velachery bus stand. Best of luck folks. Regards
Dhinakar Rajaram Iyer
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