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Sunday, 4 July 2010

An Interview on Naadi Palm leaf astrology - with Andrew and Angela Donovan - Interviews - The Magic Of Being

An Interview with Andrew and Angela Donovan

By Colin Whitby

I met Andrew and Angela at their home in the UK to talk to them about their new book The Hidden Oracle of India. In the andrewandangela.jpgbook they describe their journey to India to meet the Naadi Palm Leaf Readers and how, for Andrew in particular, this has made an impression on their lives.

Colin – In order to be able to understand the Naadi Palm Leaves and the fact that they were taken from the Akashic records there are a number of beliefs to take on board, such as there is such a thing as the Akashic records, and that the Lord Shiva had scribes copy from them onto the leaves, thousands of years ago. How do these ideas sit with you?

Andrew - I have problems with it actually, for Angela it is just par for the course, it’s a natural thing, but for me to imagine that Shiva could have decreed that my life should be recorded on a leaf and then be relayed to me when the leaf chooses to meet up with me (not when I choose to meet it), I found, and still find staggering.

I can’t really make sense of it, but there’s part of me that doesn’t mind. When Angela first told me of the Naadi’s and the way they worked I thought it was poppycock, I just couldn’t believe it whatsoever. Now, having been through the experience of the leaf reading, I’m perfectly happy to accept it, even though I am still sceptical as to how it is done.

I can’t square the circle, I am suspicious of Shiva but am happy to accept that he’s there, I’m suspicious of the Akashic records but somehow what has been told to me can only serve to demonstrate that they exist.

The way that the Naadis have behaved and how they have related my life to me was not vague generalities end of the pier stuff, they were remarkably specific and there is a lot that was said to both of us that is not in the book, so there is no way that they could do this without some other agency assisting them. For me it was Earth shaking.

Colin - Do you find that the journey has stimulated more questions, more searching?

Andrew – I haven’t gone too far down other tracks yet as I have found that what we experienced was daunting enough in a way. It has shaken me so much, yet reassured me much more that I’m almost happy to just accept it for what it is.

Colin – How do you feel about your life having been recorded all those years ago?

Andrew – I find it astounding that we are doing exactly what we knew we were going to do aeons ago, our souls are going down the tracks they are supposed to be on, I hate to think that my life is just running on rails, I’d rather I was building the rails as I went.

Colin – One of the things I found rather mind boggling was the way the Naadis have of sorting the leaves through thumb prints, so how did they know all those years ago which thumb prints we would have?

the%20hidden%20oracle%20of%20india.jpgAngela - It depends where your mind and your thinking is stuck, from your background, your education, or your belief system.

If you can take yourself out of those limitations and find yourself looking down to get an overall picture, take yourself out of linear time and measurement to be able to see the whole of our civilisation, then you can take on the concept of beyond time, where everything is happening at the moment.

You can see or hear at any moment of this civilisation that you wish to pick upon. In doing this you will understand that the intelligence of the Creator overviewing this civilisation gave permission for this information to be given to the seven prophets.

It was known by the Creator that humanity would be based in categories. Anything we do and understand in our consciousness today, we end up categorising. So they created the 108 categories and defined there would be a marking imprint that would come through with the consciousness of the soul that goes into the physical body, hence the thumb print.

Colin – So somewhere there must be a mountain of leaves if every life is recorded?

Andrew – Yes everything was done on leaves. It’s phenomenal and it’s not just lives that were recorded, there’s architecture, medicine, alchemy – every branch of civilisation is there. The whole of South East Asia have developed their own libraries from the leaves as their cultures have developed.

Angela – This is also not to do with religion – we can bless the ancient Hinduism for keeping these records, and if it wasn’t for that they wouldn’t exist, but this is beyond religion as we know it today.

Colin – So the people who were asking you the question must have been working on more that one level, the verbal and the non verbal, in order to sort out who you were and if they had your leaves.

Andrew – Well that was another strange thing because there were many occasions when we would get down to a leaf that I really believed was mine - there would be 10 or 20 questions that I had answered with a 'yes' and then there would be one 'no', and for that he would discard the leaf and start again.

So there are an awful lot of people just like you, just like me, because we found 3 or 4 leaves that I thought were me that transpired to be someone quite different in the end. I can now quite believe that there might be such a thing as doppelgangers.

I was so shocked and staggered that all this could have been sitting there on the table in front of me written down by some bloke in a cave, it was just unbelievable. If it had been happening in Sheffield or Oxford at least it would be in our culture, but this was 4 or 5 thousand miles away with a group of people who spoke an entirely different language, and in a culture that was totally alien to me and presented in a form that was equally alien to me.

Yet here was a leaf in front of me that had details about my university degree, all about by father’s background and his Christian name, there were details about my mother and what she did for a living, it was just unbelievably detailed.

Colin – How did you get on with the idea that you had to clear your past sins?

Andrew - The other thing I found very interesting and again quite a shock was this whole concept of sin. Previously I had dismissed the idea of sins, and when it was mentioned in the reading that I would have to make amends for my sins, it was almost an affront.

Colin – Yes and the idea of having someone, on your behalf, carrying out some kind of ritual for you, purchasing some symbolic clothing on your behalf for ‘puja’ and then giving it to the poor, chanting and so on.

Andrew – Yet when they started to tell me what my sins were, it all made perfect sense, the way I had reacted in this life because of the sins in my past life it was just like clicking a switch, it just made the connection, it felt right. I can’t explain why but deep within myself I know they were 110 percent correct.

It seemed to be a bit like pre-destination, those other worldly notions that really shouldn’t exist, but I’m pretty sure they do now. Does that mean there is a heaven and a hell I wonder?

Colin – As soon as you step into one area, you seem to be asked to take on board a number of others, like the whole thing of Karma and re-incarnation. Some people are really nervous around previous lives for example but I’m absolutely convinced that previous life experiences can transfer to this life.

Andrew – Well it’s interesting to me because they only talked about one past life, when I was a Kshatriya Warrior. And yet when Angela had regressed me previously we encountered a totally different life. It seems that whatever sins you have from each life, you carry them forward each time, and the life the Naadis spoke of made just as much sense as the one with Angela.

For a sceptical, logical man it just didn’t sit very well really!

Colin – Well thank you both for inviting me into your home today and talking so openly.

Angela Donovan has been a spiritual mentor and medium for 15 years, and paranormal advisor for television series including Jane Goldman Investigates. She is author of The Secrets of Psychic Success (Rider, 2007). Her clients include the royal and famous. Angela has been featured in magazines and press including the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Sun, TV Times, and on UK television and radio (BBC1, ITV, Living Channel, BBC Radio 2 with Johnnie Walker) LBC The Psychic Show, My Spirit Radio). She also has a media presence in LA and New York. http://www.angeladonovan.com/

Andrew Donovan had his own architectural practice in London until 2003. Since then he has written books, screenplays and television documentaries. Andrew has appeared on Sky television talking about past life regression.

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