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सोमवार, १४ एप्रिल, २००८

Are the Naadi predictions more amazing than the Great Nostradamus?

The caption of this article might shock many readers. For the reason that up till now every one presumed that Nostradamus was and is the number one astrologer, of the world! Now who is this new Naadi astrologer? Naturally, it must be someone boasting and trumpeting his tunes for nothing. Wing Commander Shashikant Oak has been drumming the Naadi Astrology Predictions for its exaggerated, bombastic and astonishing feats for last some years. But that does not permit Wing Commander Shashikant Oak to demean the towering personality of Nostradamus to lower esteem. Why should he indulge in this mud slinging acts?

Now, I leave to the readers of this article to judge for themselves, whether I am exaggerating the Naadi astrology or is it the reality by comparing both of them? While comparing them, I do not demean Nostradamus or other astrologers. Their method of predictions might be different.

September 11, 2001; was unforgettable day in the history of humankind. On that day the terrorists cut the nose of the American pride by attacking the twin towers of World Trade Centre in New York, Headquarters of American government might - Pentagon. That was the height of terrorist philosophy. By their fanatic activities, the terrorists could hold the sophisticated society hostage for their political, economic, social and religious demands. There are limits to the patience of the civilized society. Once that is transgressed graced, then it becomes inevitable to declare the war on the terrorism. In the early year of 21st century, 9/11 event brought forward this stark reality to all nations of the world.

Naturally, how Nostradamus could visualize the event was the topic of discussion in all Medias. And sure enough, in succeeding days, there were quotations from his book “Centuries”. Juicy descriptions of most accurate couplets referring the fall of twin towers were brought forward in great details. Thus that fresh event became yet another landmark prediction in the previous chain of predictions made by Nostradamus after almost 400 years.

To lower him and his achievements and project Naadi astrology as more powerful and genius predictions is nothing but an attempt to pat the back of self praising persons who indulge in extolling the great Indian traditions and ancient knowledge. That must be the inference of the critics of astrology. To convince them is impossible. Therefore, I present the facts before the readers to decide by comparison who is superior.

But before that, it will be more appropriate to describe what it means by ‘Naadi palm leaf astrological predictions by ancient Sages (Maharshis) and brief introduction of Nostradamus.

An Introduction to Naadi Palm Leaf astrology

From time immemorial, there were many great sages whom we the Indians, honourably call as ‘Maharshis’. They are referred in the great epics, such as the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Bhagvata etc. A few of them still possess some recordings. They are - Vasistha, Agasthya, Vishwamitra, Bhrugu, Shukra, Narada, Kak-Bhujander and many more. They used their powers of clairvoyance abilities and reported the magical Naadi phenomenon. Many of the Maharshis could visualise and see clearly the distant life events and have recorded them in different languages, in such a manner that whenever the individual comes to know his or her predictions, they are ready for referral. At present these chronicles are available only in state of Tamil Nadu; these predictions are written on Palmyra tree leaves. These leaves are chemically processed to toughen for longevity and the frequent usage. They are generally called as Naadi Granths Predictions; commonly it is one leaf one person. In that leaf one gets the name of parents, spouses, day, date of birth, as per Tamil almanac planetary position, ascendant as per zodiac signs, the educational qualification and number of children and present profession of employment. To find out the exact leaf of the individual the method used is also very unique. For the gents the impression of right hand thumb impression is taken. For ladies, left hand thumb impression based on the finger impression the search is carried out. As and when the individual says that the information mentioned in such and such leaf matches to his description, and some of the instances mentioned get confirmed by the individual, then the matter on the palm leaf is transcribed on a 40 pages Booklet.

Based on the noting in the notebook, with the help of the translation, one is told of his predictions in the language of his choice. Generally they are in Hindi or any regional languages of the places. To mitigate the troubled periods the remedial measures are suggested to perform. In that one is asked to visit temples, give alms to the needy, and provide the food and water to the hungry and thirsty. In some cases the visit to temple before actual reading commences is ordered. The rituals suggested are expected to be performed. These divine leaves have been written by the Maharshis with the sole purpose to help the man to come out of hard and difficult situations. And lead spirited and happy life, so that his journey in his future life cycle is more smooth and comfortable

Introduction to Nostradamus

Michel de Nostradamus (December 14, 1503July 2, 1566), was eldest in family of four siblings of the farmer father. He was born in a place called Saint Remy in France. He graduated in Medicine profession. However due to frustration of not being able to save the lives of this family members from the epidemic of plague, he settled in other part of Europe.

Around that time he developed the interest in Astrology. After remaining in seclusion, he started getting pang of future happenings. But no one was bothered till one day he stopped one country man and bowing to him he greeted him as “His Holiness” The same person after 19 years took over as great grand Pope - the sixth in the year 1585. By then his reputation as a great soothsayer had grown in stature He was the victim of retribution. His fellow medical parishioners, political heavy weights and other astrologers were dead against his name and fame. They started hating him.

In his maiden book titled ‘Centuries’ there are ten Chapters each containing 100 stanzas or quadrangles This book is supposed to cover the events up to year 3997.

Till now hundreds of his predictions are claimed to have been true. This book has been translated in many languages. The sale of books and cassettes has hit the top charts. That has become a money churning business for many who had converted his utterances to suit the taste of the reader of his language or region. Even on Internet many fantastic claims of his success are made. There is no dearth of disbelievers of Nostradamus. They claim that many quadrangles are made to suit the events; some times they add words so that the desired meaning could be presented to the public, who want to read their heroes to be victorious or more worthy of Nostradamus’s favour. Thus one gets the same four lines used for different events. Another serious charge levied against his utterances is that whenever any event takes place then only the couplets are searched from the book the wordings from the book refurbished to fit the description of the event. However, there are many who take these hilarious predictions for entertainment value and be happy.

Here is the Comparison of Naadi Predictions and Nostradamus’s utterances.

  1. Not older more than 400 years.

The book ‘Centuries’ has been written in the 16th century. Other than him there has been no person worth mentioning, to claim to have written the predictions in the western world.

On the contrary, the traditions of writing of Naadi Palm leaves by many Sages have been for more than5000 years. Thus Naadi Predictions are much older to Nostradamus by many many generations.

  1. Singularly foreigner.

No one from outside India claimed to have recorded the prophecies before or after him in poetic form.

Whereas Naadi Granths books are not divined by a singular Maharishi, many had contributed to the work of Divination that too in poetic form only.

  1. Ordinary personality.

Nostradamus was treated by the contemporaries not as an extraordinary personality. In fact he was taunted as” Auliya”(Whimsical person with some exceptional psychic powers), person getting attacks of spasm where in he used to get the insights of the events expected to happen after some period. Slowly his popularity began to increase because of his startling prophesies coming true.

On the contrary, the sages who drafted the prophesies visualised were always given the highest of respect and honour as “MAHARISHI”, by the contemporary kings and ordinary folks. Due to their rigorous penance they developed ability to understand the many dimensions of the universal truths, thus they were all ways treated as Mahamanav, Great souls.

4. Fear of Death:

Nostradamus was under constant fear of death. He was equally worried about the utterances he used to blur out about probable forecasts which he could not control or stop.

To avoid the direct confrontation with the jealous and competitors, residing doctors people around started to write his expressions in such a way that apparently none could get the direct reference of the event. He made his writings in cryptic and queer messages. There fore the names of persons places and events are described in roopak- allegory and or mysterious phrases. They now form the riddles to the experts. Whereas the Sages of the Naadi Predictions were never worried about their life in danger. They and their work in fact, were highly protected from any damage by the human and natural calamities. Leave aside the fear of death sages were assured of safe keeping of their fund of knowledge to be preserved in the temple complexes and their treasuries and libraries.

5. Confusing quatrains - prophecies

The speciality of prophecies of Nostradamus has been the code worded couplets. Due to this many meanings could be derived from one and the same stanza. This added to the confusion created by the translators and publishers. They wanted to encash the fast buck on the popularity tide. In that process some hand tricks of changing the words, frenzied the meaning from the original scripts. He preferred to write to describe the events of future. The best example of this was amidst of Second World War: in face of a defeat Hitler kept on drumbeating about that he will be the ultimate winner. Because, according to Nostradamus, Hitler felt that he was the ultimate winner of the Second World War. He used to throw thousands of pamphlets from the aircraft on the areas of allied forces to demoralise their will to fight. After the World War was over, it was very amazingly revealed that the quotes Hitler mentioned were in fact referring to the win of the allied forces.

On the contrary in the case of Naadi predictions the Maharshis deliberately avoided the references of nations, states or kingdoms. That was because they wanted to avoid the rivalry amongst them. The predictions are basically made to the seekers individually. The cryptic script or fonts they used was only to help the palm leaf writers to get maximum freedom to write the leaf with ease.

6. Creation of Singular book

Nostradamus’s singular book titled “Centuries” has 10 chapters. In each chapter there are 100 quatrains. Thus in 1000 quatrains, Nostradamus had covered period of almost 2300 years. His predictions covered very long period of time of world events. Therefore, he could not predict full life story of any one individual. Just for comparison even if we presume that one quartile is for one event, (Though it is not so because on many occasions one single event had been covered in many quatrains) there are no other books written by any other authors.

On the contrary, as per present information at least 27 Great Sages are believed to have written the Naadi predictions. These great compendiums of knowledge are to cater for man for how many and for how much time it is likely to serve is not known to any one. Up till now, millions have already vouched the predictions. And how many have yet to experience them, is anybodies guess. Even the Naadi readers, the custodians of Palm leaves have not fathomed the quantum of the period they are going to serve the mankind.

7. No evidence of person’s Names.

The prophesies by Nostradamus do not describe the names of the persons. The information provided by him is so vague and confusing that it creates more questions than solves them. Thus at the end of the reading, the reader gets nothing to enhance his knowledge or understandings.

On the contrary, the most amazing feature is that the names of the person for whom the divination is ensuing is told in most accurate manner and with astonishing accurateness. The same is not told by the Naadi Reader but red by he reader engraved on the palm leaves.

For example in my own case Agasthya Maharshi stated that the name of the seeker is - Shashikant; his second spouse’s name is Alka and his expired wife’s name was - Chhaya. His father sad mother’s names are respectively Janardan an Mangala. His father is no more He is presently serving in the central Government Service connected with the defence of Nation, In that especially of that wig where in the vehicles go with very high velocity in the space and spitfire on the enemy forces!

8. The search of description after event takes place -

In case of Nostradamus 's prophesies, it's generally observed that the events takes place and frantic search is conducted by the lovers of his predictions. The quatrains resembling to the events are searched and projected with much boasting.

In case of Naadi Predictions the life sketch of the individual is drawn in just 20 -22 stanzas wherein full highlights of the life events are indicated with many particular details. They are covered in 12 aspects as shown in the horoscope of the person. Thus in Naadi one does not search for the references after the event takes place but prepares to face anticipated occurrence with much patience and courage.

9. Lack of compassion -

The Nostradamus's prophesies was to forewarn mankind about the impending catastrophes of he mankind. But this emphatic purpose does not appear to have act of kindness (Paropkara) thus the predictions are takes more as amusement or time pass.

10. No remedial measures suggested -

Nostradamus had not suggested any corrective or remedial measures to mitigate or avoid the ill effects of the events.

On the contrary , Naadi maharishis have always come out with divine remedies. (Daivi Upaaya). The experience shows that the performances of remedial measures has positive effect on the occurrences. Some times the event is totally avoided or least harm is met with. In daily life, we are holding an umbrella in the rains to protect the sprinkles of the rain drops. Though we have no control over the rains, we can protect from it, if proper precaution is taken in advance.

11. No fear of getting unauthentic or bogus leaf of prediction -

There is a tendency by the lovers of Nostradamus to somehow compile the verses even by adding words to suit the test of the readers depending on the country or the religion and region. Thus the prophetic utterances are made 100% genuine by its publishers. There are many books which have exposed this trickery and hollowness of the Nostradamus's foretelling.

In case of Naadi Predictions the search of the exact leaf goes on until each and every small detail is 100% tallied with. The leaf is supposed to have been found only when the seekers requests the reader that the information about him is absolutely correct to the last bit. Hence when the seeker is convinced about the exact leaf he requests the reader to please read from that leaf. Thus in no way the reader could force the seeker to accept the leaf of his choice. The possibility of bogus or incorrect being doled out to the sleeker is totally eradicated.

12. The Evidence is in hand-

When he exact leaf is found out normally the matter on the leaf in cryptic Tamil language is noted down in a Notebook. From that a cassette is made of the translated version. Those are then handed over to the seeker. If requested politely to the Naadi Centre in charge does permit to take photographs or even the video taping. The leaf is also given in hand to have the feel of it. A close up photo is also permitted to be clicked. All this is handed over by the Naadi centre as an evidence of your palm leaf.

In case of Nostradamus there is no facility like this.

From the above description, one can understand why I believe the Naadi Maharishi's work as a mind boggling Miracle. The quality and superiority of Naadi palm leaf predictions over Nostradamus 's prophecies enormous.

However, behind the high popularity of Nostradamus, his being European Christian, superiority of white skin race, the exposure given by the print and electronic media and the respect he commands over centuries are some of the reasons.

On the contrary , leave aside the genuine praise in the media, we the Indians are totally ignorant of this treasure of the ancient knowledge . Those who are aware of it, are shy to talk about it. Some of the Indians take pride to denounce the glory and the greatness o our ancestors. They somehow try to belittle Naadi maharishis by the untenable arguments and superfluous overtones as gullibility and superstition, etc. Some scientists of high repute and rationalist organisations take lead in denouncing the art of divination as hoax etc. There is craze in the by denigrating the ancient knowledge they feel there are forward looking and pro scientific tempered personalities.

I request all not to fall prey to this malicious propaganda and at least read the letter written to you by the maharishis in ancient times. You may believe ore not. But at least have the satisfaciton that you received the Leaf letter for you. Say "Thank you" for that !


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