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शनिवार, ९ ऑगस्ट, २०१४

नाडी ग्रंथांवरील कार्यशाळा 2014 भाग 1

बडोद्याचे निलेशभाई त्रिवेदी आणि कौशिकन  गुरूजी यांच्याशी संवाद आणि नाडी ताडपट्ट्यांचे वाचन
 भाग 1 

Work shop 2014 Focus on Naadi Granthas As a part of activity of workshop 2014 , was conducted with Sri. Nileah Bhai Trivedi from Vadodra acompanid by Sri Kaushikan a renouned Naadi palmleaves reader, from Ahemadabad, at Pune on 23 Aug. Two sessions were conducted at redsidence of Wing Conmmander Shashikant Oak, along with Mrs Alka Oak in Viman Nagar area. Sri. Prashad Bodas residenct of Pune and stounch Naadi lover too joined. He took the role of cameraman. What you see now is his work well edited by his friend Amit Patwardhan. 
In the long awaited meeting the discussion revolved around how the Naadipalm leaves are writtten? Can they be decoded? If so, can we have samples of matter written on them ? Sri Kaushikan carried some palm leaves for study purpose, hence the discussions revolved around how the Naadi palm leaves are writtten. In this part 1, Sri Nilesh bhai narrating how he came in knowledge of Naadi Predictions, He stated due to his passion of servive to Maharisis his wife jokingly calls, Kaushikan as his "second wife!" The reason for that has been, Nilesh bhai, had been associated with Koushikan ji for Translation of readings in Gujarathi. He says with Koushikan ji, He had translated for more than 3000 person's predictions! Oak narrates how the palm leves are arranged in the packets. They can not be removed or incerted as last minute hurried writing and carried to the seeker from out side. The palm leaf on which one's predictions is written has got to be from those interwoven palm leaves only.

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