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बुधवार, ३ फेब्रुवारी, २०१६

Android App for Navagraha Temples as suggested by Naadi Maharishis

What exactly do the Navagraha do? Why are they worshiped?  Click here
In Indian philosophy, the theory of Rebirth and theory of Karma plays cardinal role. As explained elsewhere in the website, the person is responsible for his present plight due to the previous good or bad deeds. Through 13th Kandam (Chapter) of Naadi Predictions, the seeker is told to perform the services or Pujas /Archanas of the concerned Navagraha to overcome the bad or malefic effect thereof. Performance of Pujas and simultaneously providing food to the hungry and water to the thirsty, lighting of lamps are some of the means by which one gets rid of papas or bad deeds and boost the punyas or good and benevolent acts.
One of the main reasons why the Naadi Predictions are referred to is, to intuit the seeker to the performance of Shanti and Parihar rituals at the earliest and in the prescribed manner. One should visit as per the directions gained in the Naadi Palm leaf under the guidance of the Naadi readers. This app will give enough guidance for the needy.

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