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रविवार, ९ डिसेंबर, २००७

1. . Regularity of opening of centres: - Open centres by 8:30 sharp (depending upon climatic conditions and transport facility). The centre should remain open to accommodate the last customer. If needed work in shift basis.
2. Table attendants:- Should be available at given timings. Avoid taking any thumb print by some other person. Unless the person carrying is blood relation and alive.
3. Visitor’s Book: - Visitor’s Book should be kept ready with table attendants for the clients to write their experiences of Naadi readings. It will be evidence to see by the others to know what were the experiences of others clients who have seen Naadi leaves previously. The names and Addresses will help centres to locate persons if required on later date.
4. Photographic Albums:- Avoid display of Photo frames of celebrities in open. Please make post card size Photo album of the visitors. Also add the photos while giving charity to needy and poor from the gifts given to the centres like saris to women, ready made shirts or T shirts and pants; Lungi etc, School stationary or text books to the children. Avoid giving cloth pieces it will burden them to spend money on stitching charges.
5. Centre’s Opening Celebrations:- Every year celebrate some function like Pongal, Diwali, or centre’s opening day. Invite nearby persons, society residents, celebrities and distribute sweets and flowers so that he friendly atmosphere is created.
6. Legal Advice and Police Protection:- Please arrange for advocate in advance. He may be from your clients. Meet in charge of area Police Station. Invite him and his staffs to centre so that the police are aware what type of activities are conducted. Especially for Non-Tamil speaking area centres Police protections is a must.

7. Facilities to Staff Workers:- Following aspects may be kept in mind .
Ø Proper food, stay and transport should be provided where staff workers reside in the centre premises.
Ø Medical and emergency help is to be given without fail. Family members are contacted fast.
Ø The staff should be encouraged to bring family members to reside with nearby areas. This will avoid frequent visits to home towns and loss of working hands and days.
Ø The staff should be encouraged to celebrate Pongal, Diwali etc locally. So that the centre remains open without long break.
Ø Remittance of money to the family members in home town is to be monitored by the chief Naadi Astrologers regularly.
Ø Every staff should be given Name plate to be displayed on chest for easy recognition. Wearing of Name plates should be made compulsory. It is easy to remember names of the reader by clients that way.
Ø Staff should not consume hard drinks and create disturbance to co-workers.
Ø The Staff should be honest to their spouses.
8. Learning of languages:- Spoken English classes may be conducted for the staff, so that translation and searching of leaf becomes easy. The staff working in outside Tamilnadu in non-Tamil speaking areas should be encourages to learn the local languages.
9. Employment Opportunities: - More and more centres are opening in all parts of India. At present many sent out by parents as useless are joining the Naadi reading job. It is harming the reputation of Naadi readings. If job guarantee is given, many new faces with talent and intelligence will join the profession.
10. Certificate of grading:- Could be given to the young readers. It will help to know the standard of reader.
11. Naadi Astrologers from Vaideeshwaran Koil should provide some financial support and by way of regular supply of Naadi leaves to encourage centres run properly. They should get daily feedback from the centres about number of clients served, and other activities of the day.
12. The chief Naadi astrologers should encourage the staff to open new centre. The new centre should not create competition in the same locality of big cities or near by towns.

{Wing Commander (Retd) Oak}

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