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शनिवार, २८ एप्रिल, २०१२

नाडी महर्षी अगस्त्यांच्या मुर्तीची स्थापना 61 एम.सी.ओ. बंगलोर कँट रेल्वेस्टेशनच्या आवारातील सर्वधर्ममंदिरात झाली त्याची भेटवार्ता

Sarva Dharma Temple 

    Interview of Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda by Wg Cdr Shashikant Oak.
He narrates how this temple has taken shape. How wonder of Honey, Appearance of Holy ash on Naadi leaf and  materialized Golden coin on 23 Feb 2012. Has gained reputation of  place of fulfilling of rightful desires. 'इच्छापुर्ती मंदिर'.
     Naadi Maharishi Agastyha Statue was installed on 29th Mar 2012. B'lore Cantt Rly Stn complex, in 161 MCO's office peremises, Sarva Dharma temple. To pay homage to his contribution of Naadi Literature in Tamil. Under supervision of Shri. Ananth Raman great Devotee of Saibaba of Shirdi

     As Rakesh says his outlook towards life underwent change after getting blessings and readings by many Naadi Maharishis.

Gp Capt Rakesh Nanda  Narrating how his temple came in to being. In background Agasthya Statue with Naadi palm leaf.

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