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शनिवार, २८ एप्रिल, २०१२

It was written...

It was written...

Wing Commander Rakesh Nanda's firsthand experience of finding his Brahma Sookshma Naadi Palm leaf is another example supporting the strong belief that “everything is written”.

“Pranam, Sir; I am on the way to Pune”. Wing Commander (The then) Rakesh Nanda, my best friend opened up the conversation on an early morning phone call. It was impromptu and without notice. His voice was not cheering as usual, and therefore I happened to ask if everything was alright. He said, “Sorry to inform, Renu – my wife has lost her mother and hence we are on the way to Pune. I’ll contact you upon reaching. Let’s see if we can meet up.”

At about 10:30 hrs, as I was getting ready by finishing the morning duties, Rakesh called up to intimate that he had dropped his wife at his in law's place, and he had reached Railway Station for booking the return tickets. “Where can we meet?” Rakesh asked. Imagining all the situations considering the time schedules together, I said, “You are already half the way towards Koregaon Park. If you don’t mind, we can meet up in Shiva’s Naadi Center itself.” Of course, it was comfortable for both of us to meet up at a Naadi Center in this situation. “No problem Sir, I shall be waiting for you at the Naadi Center” Rakesh replied even without giving a second thought.

By the time I reached, Rakesh had already given his thumb impression to the Chief Naadi astrologer Mr. Sivashanmugam. “Shiva informed me that he has packets of Brahma Sookshma Naadi written by Brahma Maharishi. I had heard about this before, but had never got a chance to check out my own predictions. Therefore, just out of curiosity, I’ve given my thumbprint”, Rakesh explained.

After a while Siva brought out a sword sized packet of palm leaves holding in his both hands. It was unexpected to see palm leaves of that length. (Later we also measured it, which came out to be around 30 inches) I noticed that the leaf had three written columns on it, differing to one written column in other palm leaves. The rear side had a few lines scribbled starting from one end to the other without any break whatsoever.

"Let us start searching, Swamy!" Siva exclaimed in his heavily Tamil accent, indicating us to move to his reading room. At first, around 10 to 15 leaves were discarded as there were not matching with Rakesh’s information. Gradually, a leaf was found which contained almost all the details. Rakesh kept confirming the details by answering every question in affirmative. Finally, we knew that Rakesh’s leaf had been found out.

We left Siva to copy the contents from the leaf in modern Tamil script, as Naadi readers usually do. Sitting next to him, we started conversation within ourselves. His writing was going on, and we were also noticing it. While copying down the names from the palm leaf to the notebook, Shiva promptly stopped writing the notebook, turned to us and showed us how each of the names like ‘Rakesh’ (self), ‘Surender’ (father), ‘Chanchal’ (mother), and ‘Renu’(wife) appear in the palm leaf written in ancient Tamil script. Thereafter he continued writing, and we continued our discussions.

Suddenly at one place Siva stopped writing and turning towards Rakesh he asked, "Swamy, there is a mention about your parents, which I find vague. I am not able to understand. Can you please through some light on this?” Siva pointed out that in the palm leaf, it is written “The day (on which this Jaataka has come to consult this leaf) is significantly special for his parents.” Siva went on telling that a figure ‘50’ also appears on the leaf, connection of which he was unable to understand. According to him, the nature of the verses and language was that intricate.

Rakesh almost jumped to say, “Yes! Actually today happens to be the day of 50th marriage anniversary for my parents. We were prepared to celebrate it in grand way at our hometown in Rajasthan, but due to the unfortunate demise of my mother in law, we’ve cancelled the celebrations and came down to Pune. My parents should also be reaching Pune this afternoon by flight for the last rites. But how do you know? Is it written there?”

Siva could not hide his mischievous smile while nodding his head and saying, “Everything is written Swamy, everything is written!”

The writing was over, the tape-recording was ready. While handing over the notebook and the cassette, Siva carried the original palm leaf in his hands and gifted it to Rakesh as a special token from his Naadi Center. Too much dose for a day, Rakesh could not believe that a leaf was awaiting for him so far from his place, in Pune, and within two hours he shall have to compulsorily salute the Naadi Maharishi imagining how could the Maharishis know that Rakesh will go for his reading despite the sad event in his close family?

Many people must have read the fantasies of Alice in the wonderland. But very few have actually experienced something that is more amazing and true also! It is my honor and proud-privilege to present this real time incident occurred in Pune. The Brahma Sookshma Naadi means the palm leaf believed to be written by Brahma Maharishi, which is of a sword’s length was patiently waiting in some corner of a Naadi Center in Pune, to be picked up on 7th May 2010 – the day which was Rakesh's parents' 50th wedding anniversary! Rakesh had to undergo chain of extraordinary occurrences, culminating into getting his leaf in most accidental manner!

Normally, Rakesh’s trip to Pune was not planned one, at all. Secondly, Rakesh had come to Pune Railway station for his personal work, and had not even thought of going to a Naadi Center. It was my casual request to him to meet up in Naadi Center. And for that matter, even I didn’t know he would go for a reading! We could have met anywhere else! I had requested him merely calculating the distance involved for both of us to cover to meet up at a common place.

Lastly, contrary to the traditions, Siva had gifted the sword sized palm leaf to Rakesh, asking him to undertake future research work on it.

Attached the photographs of the palm leaf, for the benefit of those who are curious to see it.
That all aptly confirms a saying that all human beings are bound by the chessboard of destiny. Does it not?

2. Names of Chanchal (Mother) Rakesh, Renu (wife), and Surender (Father)
3. Line indicating 50th Anniversary of parents' Marriage


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