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शुक्रवार, ५ डिसेंबर, २०१४

नाडीच्या पट्टीची गोष्ट भाग 2 अंबुजा साळगावकरांशी झालेल्या पत्र व्यवहारातील प्रतिसाद

प्रा. हरिहर कुंभोजकारांना पाठवलेल्या पत्राला त्यांच्याकडून आलेल्या उत्तराला अंबुजांना दिलेला प्रतिसाद...


Sorry to say, you did not understand the intent of writing nor the protocol of this method.

I am not at all interested in astrology. Your questions are not new, they have been there since years in the challenge set by A-ni-sa.

Naadi astrology has different claims that I have mentioned there. 

If from a thumb impression they can retrieve naadi patti in a few minutes, I would like to know their finger print indexing algorithm. If by retrieving a few nodes they are able to tell in which of the n number of centers distributed across India and abroad your naddi patti will be available, I would like to know their database organization qualities. If each persons' details are articulated in such beautiful (as said by them, I can't verify it because I don't know the language and the script) poems, I would be interested in searching poetic patterns in the text. I would be interested in developing OCR for the script that would help to establish / refute the claims because the machine will read the text. As said, there is no scope for interpretation, Naddi astrologers are readers, machine could be employed for the purpose at least to an extent. 

If at all, all or a few of these projects receive support from the Naadi astrologers, and, we could through light on the facts, according to me it would be a kind of contribution to the society, we will find something that will let us feel proud of.

Oak kaka is a strong believer and proponent of Naadi. He wants naadi astrologers to be open but he has no problem in being patience and understanding their psychology and interpreting everything positively and in support of Naadi. We had a long discussion on my article but in the end I am not sure if he published my article on his blog. I do not want somebody x providing answers by interpreting my words. The very intention of publishing something on blog is to provide a place and invite several persons (including x) to participate into a discussion that is not happening. If theory x is published somewhere, a scientist would volunteer to place theory y next to it irrespective of y is for or against to x provided x and y share a context. 

Anyway, thanks for your response. As Mr Oak had asked me once if your response has been received or not, let me copy this mail to him as well. Also, he has said that he would like to read about my research plans, I have provided pointers to a few of my interests here.
So there.

Thanks and regards

2014-11-28 11:41 GMT+05:30 harihar kumbhojkar <hvk_maths@yahoo.co.in>:
From your letter it seems you and ‘Oak kaka’ are interested in verifying the reliability of Astrology and things like that.  I intend to write extensively on this topic but till then you may please think on the following lines, which, in my opinion, are more appropriate.
(1)    Collect birth-date and time of people killed in man-made or natural disaster (e.g., 9/11 twin- tower attack.) Write their horoscope and check how many of them had “mrityu-yog ” .
(2)    Collect similar data about Nobel-Prize winner and  observe commonality, if any, say, in positions of Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in their horoscopes.
(3)    Get palm prints of prisoners convicted for say murder or rape. Do we find some thing common in the prints?
(4)    Similar exercise may be made of patient in mental asylum.
Philosophically, I feel, this exercise will not lead us anywhere. But your studies may change my opinion.
Please keep me informed of the happenings on this front.
With best wishes

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